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Top 10 Tips to Crush Cancer

Originally posted on Katie Crushes Cancer:
Before I was diagnosed last year I knew very little about cancer. Once I was diagnosed I knew I wanted to face my illness head on, to “crush it” as my blog title suggests,…

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Traversing the Great Republic

>Some bands make a career of striving toward the new: new sounds, new techniques, new combinations, new instruments. Few bands live in the past, making bygones relevant once again and resurrecting parts of music that died well before the start … Continue reading

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Review: The Decemberists – The Hazards of Love (2009)

> It’s funny how quickly a judgment can be turned on its head. After 2006’s The Crane Wife, I had all but dismissed The Decemberists as overdone (especially lyrically) and overhyped. But with the release of The Hazards of Love … Continue reading

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