East Harlem Shakedown

The East Harlem Shakedown (EHS) is based out of East Brunswick, New Jersey, where several of its ever-rotating members have been collaborating together for many, many years. EHS solidified its membership and breed of sound during the summer of 2006, when Adam Baker, Adam Deutsch, Jacob Hyman, Blaine McEvoy, and Ross Switkes began playing gigs in central New Jersey and New York City. The band members each take part in the writing of original material, allowing the band to have a focused yet broad sound that weaves between influences of latin, funk, jam, classic and trans rock. A truly collaborative group, EHS has quickly developed a devoted fan base who are drawn to their energetic live shows which contain broad set lists and improvisational elements. By carefully crafting original songs and picking intriguing yet familiar cover songs, EHS provides a stellar live show experience perfect for any bar dweller’s ear.
For more information, go to myspace.com/eastharlemshakedown